Extending Reach With UHD Video and a Custom Web Landing Page for Pagosa Brokers Real Estate

screen shot pagosa brokers landing page

Pagosa Brokers Real Estate is a Pagosa Springs, Colorado real estate firm with a long history in the area.  Combining their deep roots, and forward thinking Pagosa Brokers is working on expanding their marketing reach with a custom communications solution from greenlotusdesigns.com.

screen shot pagosa brokers landing page
Screenshot of Pagosa Brokers Neighborhood Virtual Tour Experience landing page

We’ve created a series of neighborhood virtual tours in Ultra-High-Definition (UHD), and an accompanying landing page within the Pagosa Brokers existing web site.  With video continuing to grow as a dominant online-marketing medium this combined campaign will facilitate reach to potential home-buyers whilst providing a unique and immersive take on local neighborhoods.

The landing page is modern and light weight with fast load times.  We set up custom off-site video hosting for speed with personalized logo video players for brand recognition.

View the custom landing page, and Pagosa Springs Virtual Neighborhood Tour videos on the Pagosa Brokers website here.

World renowned for its geothermal hot springs, and set against the ruggedly majestic San Juan Mountains, Pagosa Springs is a Southwest Colorado paradise.

Take a closer look at Pagosa Springs Historic Area in this video!

Pagosa Brokers Virtual Neighborhood Tour – Pagosa Springs Colorado – Historic Area from Pagosa Brokers Real Estate on Vimeo.

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Explore Costa Rica’s Zona Sur – web design and creative for Liquid Magic Surf Resort Costa Rica by green lotus designs

Costa Rica Zona Sur

Explore the new green lotus designs website for Liquid Magic Surf Resort | Costa Rica.  Liquid Magic Surf Resort is based in Costa Rica’s Zona Sur, a place that National Geographic Magazine has named the most biologically dense place on the planet!   Let the very nice people at Liquid Magic Surf Resort help curate your perfect Costa Rican holiday!

At green lotus designs, we would love to help your small business grow with a clean modern website!  If you would like a website similar to Liquid Magic for your small business or idea please get in touch!

email us at : hello@greenlotusdesigns.com

pura vida!

Costa Rica Zona Sur
Costa Rica Zona Sur

The region surrounding Liquid Magic Surf Resort abounds with magnificence.  The lush jungle spills over the mountains and cliffs to touch the azure sea.  Adventure, relaxation, meditation – La Zona Sur provides respite and wonder.  It is inspiring and rejuvenating.

Liquid Magic Surf Resort, Costa Rica, is a boutique lodging experience with a personal touch in the Costa Rican rain forest. . .read more.


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Architectural Imagery and Marketing Solutions for Realtors, Brokers, Property Owners, Architects and Designers

Realtors!  Get more views, and quicker sales on your listings with professional architectural imagery from greenlotusdesigns.

Beautiful photos are guaranteed to draw in more views for your online listings.  Help your client’s property stand out among the rest!

Crafting words for marketing purposes is one of our specialties too!  greenlotusdesigns will customize a full marketing package to ensure your listing reaches the top of sites like Zillow and Trulia.

With full frame Canon cameras, DJI professional drones, and more of the right tools to make your images pop, we’ll make sure your listing soars to the top.

Don’t forget. . .your website needs to be a top priority!  Even in the age of social media – your domain is your home in the cloud.  We would love to help you establish your space with a custom, search engine friendly, website complete with the tools you need to grow your business.

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GreenGeeks Web Hosting

GreenGeeks provides the greenest web hosting around!  We all know that web hosting uses a significant amount of energy.  If you are concerned about your environmental footprint GreenGeeks is the way to go.

When hosting a website with GreenGeeks the energy you use will be replaced 3X by wind energy credits!

Now with eight years in business GreenGeeks hosts more than 300,000 websites for over 35,000 customers.  This amounts to over 615,000 kwh/year replaced with green energy credits!

There are good people running GreenGeeks, and the service is excellent!  I have utilized other hosting providers in the past.  GreenGeeks is second to none!

Take a look at the great offers they have.  Click the following link, and we can work together to create a greener future with clean wind energy, and GreenGeeks.

greenlotusdesigns utilizes GreenGeeks exclusively for its web hosting needs.  Get set with your web needs with greenlotusdesigns and GreenGeeks!  Modern, Green, and Search Engine Friendly Web Design = )

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