Extending Reach With UHD Video and a Custom Web Landing Page for Pagosa Brokers Real Estate

Pagosa Brokers Real Estate is a Pagosa Springs, Colorado real estate firm with a long history in the area.  Combining their deep roots, and forward thinking Pagosa Brokers is working on expanding their marketing reach with a custom communications solution from greenlotusdesigns.com.

screen shot pagosa brokers landing page
Screenshot of Pagosa Brokers Neighborhood Virtual Tour Experience landing page

We’ve created a series of neighborhood virtual tours in Ultra-High-Definition (UHD), and an accompanying landing page within the Pagosa Brokers existing web site.  With video continuing to grow as a dominant online-marketing medium this combined campaign will facilitate reach to potential home-buyers whilst providing a unique and immersive take on local neighborhoods.

The landing page is modern and light weight with fast load times.  We set up custom off-site video hosting for speed with personalized logo video players for brand recognition.

View the custom landing page, and Pagosa Springs Virtual Neighborhood Tour videos on the Pagosa Brokers website here.

World renowned for its geothermal hot springs, and set against the ruggedly majestic San Juan Mountains, Pagosa Springs is a Southwest Colorado paradise.

Take a closer look at Pagosa Springs Historic Area in this video!

Pagosa Brokers Virtual Neighborhood Tour – Pagosa Springs Colorado – Historic Area from Pagosa Brokers Real Estate on Vimeo.

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