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| What |

With nearly two decades of professional communications acumen, greenlotusdesigns provides tailored solutions in digital imagery, content creation, and strategic communications for all types of business large and small.

greenlotusdesigns wants to help you grow your business!  We can help you navigate the ever changing environs of new media marketing including social media, and help you find a solution for customer engagement with a targeted reach.

Your business.  Your passion.  They have the power to reach a virtually unlimited audience.  We want to help you extend your reach, and provide a memorable experience.

Your custom communications solution can include a whole suite of services, or pick and choose for your current needs.

We can help elevate your current brand, or facilitate a build from scratch.

greenlotusdesigns has the tools and experience to put your brand in front of your target market.

| WHO |

greenlotusdesigns, Director of Creative and Principal, Jesse Samu, took a communications degree from Baylor University in the early 2000’s, and ran with it straight to the coastal, semi-arid, sub-tropical South Texas Coastal Bend of el Golfo de Mexico.

He and his wife began a nice life there on the sugar-sandy beaches in which time he also served roles in television photojournalism for a number one tv station, and in corporate communications at the nation’s fourth largest maritime port.

Jesse roamed the Coastal Bend from the shores of Padre Island to out west in the South Texas regions bordering our neighbors in Mexico toting a big camera and a microphone (and plenty of water and snacks).  The people he met, and the stories portrayed along the way are as vast as the South Texas landscapes that created them.

It was during this era also, that Jesse branched out into developing websites, and providing freelance photography services.  He recognized the need to diversify and grow along with the evolving media landscape.

As the early 2000’s progressed on into the next decade, Jesse took over a brand new role at the port in Corpus Christi.  As the port was realizing its imminent growth, and a need to catch up with modern marketing, Jesse joined the port in creating a multimedia specialist position.  There he established protocol, and developed a web and social media strategy, and its necessary legal documents at a globally reaching organization.  He became a critical member of strategic planning and future growth initiatives at the port, and through his role served as a long time board member on community organizations including the Corpus Christi State Assisted Living Facility and the Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau.

As a life-long lover of the outdoors, Jesse finds joy and solace among the rivers, oceans, deserts, forests, and jungles of this amazing planet we call earth.  He and his wife have recently taken up residence with their children in the ruggedly majestic San Juan mountains in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Jesse Samu comes from a lineage of entrepreneurs and small business owners.  He has a passion for helping people tell their stories.

We would love to help you tell your story.

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